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The Self Portrait Exhibition

Photographers are adept at capturing the nuances of an environment, a moment, individuals and groups of people – holding space, taking care, and oft-times absorbing the emotions of those they depict – but many are reluctant to turn the camera on themselves. In The Self Portrait, HOME invites a group of Black Women photographers to do just that, in order to question what happens when we extend the inherent care and consideration of photography to ourselves. External and societal pressures situate Black women in a continual process of being switched on - aware of the expectations, judgements and connotations placed upon us by the outside world – so what is possible when we reclaim agency, placing our representation back in our hands? Combining original self portraits from emerging and established photographers, The Self Portrait seeks to trace the intergenerational influence of Black Women photographers and hold commune for collective self observation, reflection, and the inner dialogue that occurs when creating. A space of quiet, introspective and experimental making, which honours the multiplicity and abundance of the Black female experience, written by us, for us and with us in mind.

Alongside Christina Nwabugo, Jennie Baptiste, Tino Chiwariro, Christina Ebenezer, Joy Gregory, Adama Jalloh, Olivia Lifungula, Ronan Mckenzie, Lucie Rox, Amaal Said, Ejatu Shaw and Tori Taiwo..


POCC x ClearChannel UK for Gender Equality Month

I was thankfully one of the chosen few to explore gender equality for POCC x Clear Channel Artists in residence campaign. This was my first billbord campaign which was showcased on digital boards across North, South and West London. This piece I call rainbow boogie xx


Record Store Day: Creating an Icon
with BuildHollywood

To coincide with Record Store Day in June 2021 an outdoor photography exhibition was planned across Buildhollywood sites, in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff. I was asked to feature alongside fellow emerging artist Steven M Wiggins and established photographers Mick Rock, Pogus Ceaser and Gered Mankowitz. They used images of The Rolling Stones, The Mighty Diamonds, Blondie and Hendrix. Where I shot the magnificent WU-LU and Oscar Jerome.

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The V&A: Deconstructing  Masculinities - MAN Vol.1

Inspired by the visual imbalance in how we see the female figure nude or otherwise in comparison to the males.  I began to look into ideas regarding the male gaze and its lack of post-colonial rhetoric. This project and exhibition acts as the beginning of wider topics and themes I aim address. Using the male body as a template to explore gender roles, masculinity, desire and provocation. 

Debuting excerpt from MAN and using recorded interviews with my sitters, I ask the question, Can you define masculinity? 

My shoots take place in the subjects’ homes; predominantly their bedrooms. A place where they feel safe and vulnerable. I will recreate a bedroom like set within the space and invite the viewer to come in and physically place themselves as though they were at home, thus becoming a participant. Using furniture and props to act as visual triggers for a bedroom. The participant would then sit and listen to my subjects’ response, as though they were listening to the conversation as it occurred.

To make this installation, I used surround sound speakers, so the audience feels completely immersed. To accompany the sound, I had a screen and projector playing a video on loop where I hand-picked moments from films, music videos and commercials that presented the idea of the “masculine man” while juxtaposing “softer/sensitive images” as the backdrop for the audio.

Alongside this will be a diary left for the viewer to contribute their own responses to my questions on masculinity and nudity. This summary of my audience’s reactions will serve as a direct recording of the impact this piece has played on them, as well as information about their opinion on masculinity as a whole. I will ensure each answer is anonymous to see if I can find common themes reflected in our socially learned behaviour no matter our race, gender or age.

This documentary piece acts as a visual study of current opinions and trends. I plan on using this cultural “data” to educate and influence my work into a series that starts to challenge and shake up these preconceived notions. In turn I hope that this will urge the audience to reflect upon the themes discussed and ask the same questions to themselves.

MAN ultimately is a series that aims to provide new narrative for ALL men. I hope will evoke new perspectives on how we see the body and nudity, for both men and women alike.

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