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For 6 days I was invited on an residency with 4 other artists in Hastings, to explore the many facets of a man with the the task to answer questions on masculinity and what it means to be a man. Presented from an array of different disciplines, we took our audience on a journey, where we left them to answer this question themselves.

Being my first residency, this was also the first time presenting my project MAN as a collection, with self made black and white hand prints. It was a exciting and nerve wracking experience to say the least.

Below are some pictures and answers left by viewers on "What is a man?"



Be yourself don't label it,

the strength to be vulnerable and the vulnerability to be strong,

hard to quantify or define,


awareness and guts,

knowing what kind of selfishness to exhibit,

I have know clue anymore...

All enjoying my Zine MAN Vol II, The Cock Chronicles - Landing September 27th 2019

Keep your eyes peeled ;)