• Denisha Anderson



I and friend Oscar T Wilson decided to team up and combine our talents for an explorative look at our own identities. Looking at how does it affect our artistic expression and daily imprint within society? Does our creative practice define who we are? Finally, can we use our own identities as a concept for creative output?

In this series of self-portraits, I combine ideas and inspiration from east African body art with Western pre-op plastic surgery markings. These overlaps play on the idea of beauty. What is real and what is fake? White expectations of beauty have historically been invisible forces over black bodies, playing God and deciding what it means to be beautiful. This emphasizes the concerning relationship that uses the black body as a landscape for enhancement and change, yet won’t see the beauty in its original form.

These notions shaped both the way I view my body and the way it’s perceived by others. This series acts as a protest against such societal norms, and a way to empower myself. My aim is to challenge the expectations of beauty standards. I choose to change my usual stance behind the lens, and instead be the subject. This work acts as a visual triumph over those that play god with my body.

At the show, a little snippet of my bits :)

Previews leading up to the show with O.T.Wilson


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